Dark Black Complete Set is a clothing set with all black clothing.

The set includes:

  • Dark black long coat. - A long coat with a lighter black highlight on the edges. Perfect for any occasion.
  • Dark black long vest. - A simple vest that is all dark black. Including with it is a black belt with buckle.
  • Dark black boots. - Long boots with lighter black highlights on the top part.
  • Dark black bandana. - Simple, keeps the head dry and warm.
  • Dark black long and short sleeve shirt. - This shirt is wanted by everyone, perfect for almost any weather, collar is semi formal.
  • Dark black shorts and pants. Pants are skinny.

You may get this on Isla Shadow and the cost is 200k gold.


  • Must have 200k gold
  • Must be level 45+
  • Must have at least 3 weapons mastered

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