SCDB is a custom company that makes the finest houses and mansions.

What We Can MakeEdit

  • Mansions: We can make you the big, large, huga, sky scraping, anything.
  • Houses: We do make normal everyday houses.
  • Huts: Yes, we even make luxury huts.
  • House Ships: Our newest creation, we make ships that are also houses.


The houses we make are 100% custom, you want it, we got it. Here is what we can customize:

  • Location
  • How big / small
  • Type of land
  • Type of furnature: SCDB also gets the perfect furnature into your house.
  • Windows
  • Type of wood work
  • Color - inside and out
  • And more

How Do We Get A SCD?Edit

To get one of these houses, contact Captain Shadow Sail, the founder and owner of this business. 

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